What is this?

This is a website. You're welcome.

Just kidding, to answer this question, we must look at what you can find here. this place does not have only one goal in mind, but actually it has multiple goals. Do you want to know which? No? I will tell you anyway.

Web goals

Who are you? What is NN?

Hello there. I am Nikola Nejedlý, people often call me Niklák. I think you already figured that NN is composed of my full name, the same applies to NejedNiko. Simply said, I am a man with too many hobbies and all this is being created to share those with you, lovely people. Want to know more? Read more below!

I am a hardcore realist, introverted geek with analyst personality. I have a resting-bitch-face syndrome, but have no fear, I am harmless piece of thrash. And I really dislike stupid, or just stubborn boxhead people. They are the only thing that is able to drive me up to anger. Otherwise I am completely chill.
For gods sake, if you make a mistake, do not deny that. Acknowledge that.
Please, do not get offended by my content. It was never supposed to offend anyone. If you get offended, perhaps you dislike who you are and therefore you take my words too personally. well, you should not do that. Find help instead. Stable mind is the key to everything.

NN logo exists since I first started making some real things, starting with PCBs at high school. Since then I've come a long way and made so many more things! Before that I existed under names such as Bunnykill, KyberSoft, etc.
Today, I still use Bunnykill nickname, but I also can be found as Aneysha or NejedNiko, Niklák.
Bunnykill (male characters) and Aneysha (female characters) I use for games mostly.

Some of my background

I have studied an electrical engineering, automatization and telecommunications at a high school, IT and logistics at a university and I always had a hobby in programming and computers from a very young age (that does not exclude all the other hobbies, including electronics, engineering).

I have worked part-time as an IT technician for some time during high-school, then my last year as a very junior programmer (also part-time), but I mostly did product testing. Then during my university years I had a part-time job as a web-developer, designer and IT technician for a few years. Programmed some stuff, but nothing major.

Then I had a job as a C# junior programmer for a year, but I also did some html/css and discovered dart + flutter. Did that for a few months, left the company to actually gain some money to live.

Then I worked for about two years programming PLC automats in C (which I to this day think was a dumb way to be doing that, but whatever, company said it can't be changed, so hey), but also C# and programmed some communication protocols and so on for the machines. Good job, good money, bad times, toxic hierarchy, left that too (during covid, yikes). Sometimes it's better to consider mental health.

Currently I work for a company that treats me well. I've been there for a few years now and I truly like it. And the people are great. I do full-stack development (C#, .NET), app design, unit/integrated tests and some minor stuff around.

But I always wanted to become a game-dev on the side. And I am working on that also. That's where I first started to learn coding.

Hope you enjoyed this little view of my professional background.

What does NN, NejedNiko cover?

Who inspires you?

I have a few people that inspire me greatly. These people are - Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci and Alan Turing. I would love to meet any of them, unfortunatelly, all of them are dead. But that doesn't stop me from finding these people greatly inspiring! These men were earths biggest geniuses, inventors. I simply aspire to be like them, but not a copy, just to become as great as they were.

I believe that everything that we can Imagine, we must be able to create. It might not be easy, but certainly possible! I don't believe in talent. there is nothing such as being talented. Don't get yourself fooled. The people you call "Talented" are most likely spending each day doing what they love. And that is the difference. Not some kind of talent. You, me, everyone is able to achieve the same level of skill. Doesn't matter if it's painting, singing, woodworking, programming, design, ... And that is why I never give up. And so shouldn't you! Don't listen to anybody saying "it's impossible". It is very much possible. Put your mind into it! If you don't do things, you will never get any good at them.

Disclaimer & Licensing!

Everything on this website is made by NN. NN holds it's copyright and licensing on all the work. Nothing on this site (does not matter if you're a supporter, you must respect copyright), if not stated differently, is not to be sold, reselled, copied and edited without the consent of NN.
Keep in mind, that as a creator, I respect copyright very much. Please, for your own sake, do that too.

Harmful, or dangerous use of any of my creations is highly prohibited. And I do not agree with such use.

Replicating my work using my guides, items and methods is allowed, but at your own risk. Please pay attention what you do and how. Always be careful when working with tools!

Please, read the Terms of use.

Some parts of this website are in czech. This is not to confuse you, rather, to include some of my content that is purely in my native language. I am czech.
If you want to contact me, all the important links are on the right bottom side of the web (computer view).
I prefer e-mail, on social sites I am very selective.
Is this web missing anything, or is something wrong? Please, let me know, I will try to fix that. Thank you