Console Tetris
A console game of Tetris made in C# (without the use of objects);
This was a small University project which I quite loved, it was so much fun to make this. There is not much to say, it's a tetris, it has some settings such as color scheme and you can save the game as you wish, etc.
main secondary
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Defense based space game. A winner of a small competiton of a random weekend of 2010.
Made for Windows 7 +, might not work on WinXP. Czech language only.
main main
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Santa: Pomsta sobů
This is a game from abouts 2008, you play as Santa, you kill things, you get revenge on one of your reindeers.
The name translates as "Santa: Revenge of the reindeers".
It's a sidescrolling platformer shooter with a very simple progression story and a final boss.
Made for Windows XP, might not work on new machines. Czech language only.
main main
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