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Simply said, this is an application that allows you present pictures as a slideshow. But! It also knows how to play GIFs. It allows you to add a music/audio to the slideshow, and much more (list of features available below). These detailed settings are the reason why this application exists.

Originally this app was made as my University project, where I basically made it up in the last 1-2 months just so I can pull up something. I had it started already, because I needed something like that for a while. This was a great way to finish my thing. I got C grade for that. Guh. But I passed that, so ... here ya go.


  • Can play GIF animations
  • Manual/Timer slide switching
  • Audio playback
  • Picture-fit
  • Always on top
  • Window/fullscreen mode
  • Slide order (consecutive / random)
  • Save list (*.gs) (saves only references to files, if removed, it skips them on load)
  • Help audio easter-egg
  • Windows XP (SP3) support

Planned features

  1. Render a video from the slideshow
  2. Lower the bottom limit on ms/slide, so it can be used to create motion-picture movies, such as many of LEGO ones that already exist.
  3. Perhaps upgrading to a higher .NET version (this would shift the support to Windows 7 and higher)

If you have any suggestions of what features I should add, let me know on my e-mail.
You can download the original version ([v1.02] The whole University (TUL) project thing, including the document that I wrote about it (in CZech only, sorry)), or git up the newest thing in the links below.


Original + OpenSource

TUL project | .zipproject PDF onlypresentation PDF onlygithub

GitHub contains the newest .NET project.



v1.02 | .zip


Nothing in this list yet


You can use this under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

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