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The NN Waiter is a console application that executes tasks, commands, in order and waits for a process to be finished, to exit.
There is an example "tasks.csv" file. It shows how to use the application.
Anything about how to use the app is in ReadMe.txt
It can be used for things such as a batch installing, where installations need to wait for each other, and such.
Intended for Windows. Written in C#.

NejedNiko (c) 2020


  • Waits for a task / process to finish, exit code ignored
  • Runs a task / executes a process with arguments afterwards
  • Can be programmed to do many tasks
  • Does check for errors and at the end creates a file with all errors logged, if any occured

Planned features

  1. None

You are programming it!

format of a task (each line) is structured like this:

{name of the process to check}
{executable that should be run after that (or exact path)}
{silent? [0 = false,1 = true]}

"%" anywhere in the file will always mean a location of the executable.
You can read more in the ReadMe.txt



Not yet available.



v1.0.3 | .zip


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You can use this under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

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